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Keeping Pests Away – Exterior

When thinking about limiting pest invasion to our homes and businesses, it is important to consider how we maintain the exterior of our structures.

1.  What’s good for the plants is good for the ants.  Any plants, bushes or trees that are near the structure can provide moisture and shade and well as food to the pests around our structures.  I would advise planting ornamentals as far away from the structure as can be lived with.  Ornamentals need water, so do pests.

2.  When considering whether to use ornamental rocks or mulch, always choose rocks.  You can layer them thin enough that they will not hold condensation and moisture that pests need, and you only have to purchase rocks once.  Mulch must be constantly replaced.

3.  Keep ALL foliage trimmed back from the structure at least 12 to 18 inches.  Flowers, bushes and trees in contact with our structures provide “land bridges” for the pests to gain access.

4.  Always check your screens for holes and proper fitting.  Check your gutters, down spouts and splash blocks to ensure that water is not standing or eroding soil.  Incidentally, the correct way to position splash blocks under the down spout is for the open end to face AWAY from the structure.  Otherwise, the closed end will hold water which attracts every kind of pest as well as nuisance wildlife and mosquitos.  Also check where pipes and lines enter the structure to ensure that there is proper sealant to keep out moisture and pests.

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