Termite Inspections

We do real estate and non-real estate termite inspections. We do FHA and VA real estate inspections. We do residential and commercial termite inspections. We take pictures and keep them on record. We have worked with the local real estate professionals in the Topeka area since our first weeks in business.

If you think you have termites we will inspect and tell you everything we see. If you know you have termites, call us for a competitive bid to meet your termite control needs. We can do baiting and liquid termite treatments.

If you are buying or selling a house, let your real estate professional know you want to use us.

Pest Inspections and Identification

If you have an insect invading your premises that is new to you, call us. We have been around long enough to have had experience controlling most insects common to Kansas. If we don’t know what it is, we have the entomologists at the Kansas Department of Agriculture here in Topeka. Rest assured, you’ll have the identification of your problem insect, and an understanding of what needs to take place to achieve control.


We can greatly reduce the number of spiders you see with our interior and exterior service.  We will apply spider control products under and behind things where pets and children cannot access them and where spiders tend to hide.  On the exterior, we will treat the lip of the siding, around the windows and doors and the soffits (overhangs) that we can reach.  The products we use will not only kill spiders but reduce their web building activity.

If you suspect you have Brown Recluse Spiders living with you, we will place insect traps in your home or office to trap the spiders for identification.  If we find that there are Brown Recluse Spiders present, we will discuss with you methods for reducing their numbers.  We have sought out the most up-to-date information on Brown Recluse Spider control.  It won’t be cheap, but compared to the possible costs of hospital care after a bite, our service is well worth it.


When those pesky ants show up, call us immediately!  If you are seeing those tiny black ants in your place, we can get rid of them!

We employ the BASF Inside/Out program.  We use Phantom TI for ants on the inside along with an ant bait gel product.  On the outside we apply Termidor SC for exterior ant control.

These products travel back with the ants in or on them to poison their nestmates and give you long lasting ant relief.

We also apply Talstar PL granules that are moisture activated to the ground giving a 6 to 8 foot wide band of product starting at the foundation of your structure. This will limit the ants comfort in nesting near the structure for easy access to the interior.

These excellent products last about 90 days.


If you have mice or rats in or on your property, we can help you control them.  We can make access to your buildings very difficult for them, which can give you great peace of mind.  We have glue boards, bait stations and multi-catch devices.  We will also help with rodent proofing your structure.


There are several species of Cockroaches common to Kansas.  The most common are German (Kitchen) Roaches, Oriental Roaches, American Roaches and Wood Roaches.